Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) contain a mix of different senior living options in one community. Continuing care retirement communities provide one place where seniors can live out the rest of their lives, without the hassle and disruption of making decisions, finding a new facility and moving.

The CCRC might have one section of senior apartments, along with an assisted living facility and a nursing home on property. Residents can move from one section to another as their needs change. Continuing care retirement communities are rental only so they are good for seniors who no longer want to deal with owning and upkeep their own home.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Seniors can move into a CCRC when they are relatively independent, but who have some kind of condition that will require a higher level of care in the future.

They are a good choice for elderly couples who have different health needs, so that each can get the care needed while living in the same community.

One advantage of living in a continuing care retirement community is that residents can maintain much of the same social circle as their healthcare needs increase.

Since they see and interact with staff in the community, they can get to know staff who may be caring for them after they move into assisted living or the nursing home. Like retirement communities, continuing care retirement communities provide social activities and support services like transportation. 

Continuing care communities are the most expensive of all of the long-term care options. There is a significant up-front fee as well as monthly fees that increase as higher levels of care are required.