RxSaver is popular in part because it provides up to eighty-five percent discounts off the normal retail prices of your prescription medications. Even GoodRX only gets you up to eighty percent discounts unless you enroll in the GoodRX gold paid program, so RxSaver has potentially better deals at its basic level. RxSaver has over sixty thousand pharmacies in-network compared to GoodRX’s seventy thousand. 

Printed or scan-able coupons are both available features of RxSaver as well. The RxSaver discount card also yields you up to eighty-five percent discounts off the normal retail prices of your prescription medications.

Save Money on Prescriptions With Rx Saver, America’s Pharmacy and VeteranRx
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The Rx Advocacy Program is a paid program, which costs approximately $60 per month. This program is designed for members suffering from chronic medical conditions and in need of additional, or more costly maintenance-based medicines. RxSaver is owned by RetailMeNot, which itself boasts an accredited A+ BBB rating. RxSaver is not verified by the NABP but its deeper base-level discounts and advocacy for the chronically ill keep it neck-and-neck with GoodRX pursuant to consumer popularity.

When discussing prescription discount programs it is important to consider the needs of both the nation’s senior citizens and Veterans. Prescription drug discounts are crucial to both the elderly and those who served the country in active duty. 

America’s Pharmacy is an Rx savings card program with convenient and simple search tools for seniors. It is a simple yet versatile program with no commitment or detailed personal information required for enrollment. 

VeteranRx is available to U.S. Veterans and their applicable family members. VeteranRx has no age/income requirements, no tedious enrollment forms, zero exclusions and even covers pre-existing conditions. Both America’s Pharmacy and VeteranRx are free to join and offer discounts of up to eighty percent off normal retail prices. 

America’s Pharmacy has over sixty-two pharmacies in-network. VeteranRx has over thirty-five thousand pharmacies in-network. Both programs cover certain pet medications and are designed to make life better, and medications cheaper, for U.S. senior citizens and Veterans alike.

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