As of 2024, GoodRX is the most popular prescription discount program in the U.S. It is also considered one of, if not the best overall Rx app and card program on the market. Enrolling in the GoodRX program is free!

The program GoodRX works in several ways to generate you discounts on your medicine at the pharmacy. There are over seventy thousand pharmacies participating in the GoodRX network, which is part of why the program is so highly rated above other similar programs.

Save Hundreds or Even THOUSANDS of Dollars with GoodRX

By using the GoodRX website or mobile app it is possible to search for specific prescription medications sold at the lowest possible prices near you. The program requires you to establish a designated pharmacy. Printing coupons from your home to use at your designated pharmacy on specific medications yields you up to an eighty percent discount off the normal retail price. It is also possible to use the GoodRX mobile app to present your coupons in lieu of printing a paper coupon. 

Similar to how health insurance companies provide better benefits when you use an in-network provider, GoodRX coupons used at your designated pharmacy give you deeper discounts than using your GoodRX discount card at other pharmacies.

GoodRX is free and enrollment is eligible to USA-only members who are eighteen years or older. There is also a paid program with additional benefits. GoodRX Gold saves you up to a ninety percent discount off the normal retail price of your prescriptions. 

GoodRX Gold costs approximately $10 per month for individuals and approximately $20 per month for families of six or less members. There is a 30-day free trial on the paid program, which also includes free medicine delivery, discounted telehealth appointments, reduced copays and more. Additional benefits of the GoodRX program include:

  • Verified children are eligible to be added to adult accounts.
  • Most FDA-approved medications are covered.
  • Brand name and generic medicines are included in the discount program.
  • Certain pet medications are covered.
  • Medicare D participants receive additional guidance. 
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates GoodRX with an accredited A+.
  • Only National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) rated pharmacies are included.

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Updated on 05/25/2022