When you are older, there are certain screenings that you should have in addition to the ones mentioned previously for younger ages. Many of these are for people of any sex. Here are some of the additional recommended health screenings for people age 65 and up. They include bone density screenings, hearing tests and other tests designed to keep seniors healthy.

There are also certain shots that older people may need to have, including pneumonia boosters and shingles vaccines. Shingles tends to occur when someone’s immune system is weakened. As a result, the condition occurs more frequently among older people. Shingles is a viral infection that usually results in a painful rash but in more serious cases it can lead to pneumonia, blindness, hearing issues, or death.

Seniors Can Ask Their Doctor About These Health Screenings
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Bone density screening- It is recommended that this type of screening is done every 2 to 5 years after the age of 65.

Height & weight- Although these two things are monitored throughout our lives, health and weight screenings become especially important in older age as the risk of osteoporosis increases.

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bones to become weak and brittle which can lead to dangerous bone fractures.

Bone density study- This type of screening is also done to check for the risk of osteoporosis. During a bone density test your body will be scanned using a portable machine that emits a low dose of X-rays that move slowly over your body.

Hearing tests- Doctors usually recommend that hearing tests are done more frequently as we age and hearing loss becomes more common.

This slideshow is a generalized overview of the health screenings you may need throughout your life. Make sure to ask your doctor to confirm exactly which health screenings you may need.

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