Health Benefits for Service Members, Veterans and Their Families

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces protect and serve the nation at great risk to themselves and their families. Military health insurance and Veterans health programs exist to protect those current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces from the vast amount of issues and afflictions caused by experiences during active duty. 

VA health insurance, TRICARE insurance and CHAMPVA insurance are all different types of coverage options designed to serve the healthcare needs of those who served the country first. Read more about health benefits for service members, veterans and their families below.

Benefits You Can Receive With VA Health Care
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U.S. Veterans health is an important topic. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides many services to those who served the country first, including options for health care. 

VA health insurance and VA health care programs are crucial to keeping America’s Veterans as healthy as possible after experiencing active duty. The needs of U.S. Veterans often go beyond those of normal civilians. 

Trauma is experienced during battle. The trauma can be physical, medical, mental and/or emotional. Many Veterans also have a challenging time re-acclimating to normal life after returning from active duty. VA health programs help qualified Veterans deal with a vast range of health-related issues by providing high-quality and comprehensive insurance coverage to former service members and even their applicable family members.

Military health insurance plans are different in many ways than regular health insurance plans because they have to be. VA health insurance plans offer a variety of coverage options to Veterans. 

For example, most VA health insurance plans cover eye examinations and preventive testing. Some cover the costs of eyeglasses and services for the blind as well. Dental services might also be covered. VA health care plans are free to certain Veterans who meet qualifying conditions including limited income requirements. There are copays, deductibles and standard insurance-based expenses to those Veterans able to afford the costs.

Additional treatments and services covered by VA health insurance plans include physical examinations, kidney dialysis, mental health services and surgeries. Plans also cover acute care subsequent to surgeries, flu shots, urgent care for non-life-threatening injuries/illnesses and qualified prescriptions. 

Next, learn about the different VA health insurance options that are available to military members and their families.

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