A Dental Point of Service (DPOS) is another hybrid type of dental insurance coverage combining elements of other available plans on the market. While not as simple as a dental indemnity plan, some concepts of DPOS plans are still similar. Reimbursements to members are made in both DPOS and dental indemnity plans. 

DPOS plans allow members to choose both in-network and out-of-network dental providers. Out-of-pocket expenses are significantly higher and reimbursement amounts lower when members choose an out-of-network dentist, however.

Dental Point of Service (DPOS)
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Reimbursements are based on a scaled table of allowances and the level of coverage you receive is based on your insurance provider policies and the type of plan you purchase. For one example, the costs to you for in-network services are significantly reduced compared to those charged for out-of-network services. 

There are some distinct benefits to having a DPOS plan. Referrals from primary dental providers are required in order to see specialists. In many POS plans, however, members do not pay deductibles for specialist services referred by a primary dental provider.

The extra step required by seeing your primary dental provider therefore saves you money when visiting a specialist. 

Preventive care benefits are also frequently included. DPOS networks are also large, spanning the nation in most cases. The savings to you when staying in-network are significant, but the option to choose the dentist you prefer is available. This makes a DPOS plan perfect for consumers requiring specific benefits from their dental insurance plan, such as the combination of in-network affordability and flexibility to choose any dentist when necessary.

Dental insurance and dental insurance plans have evolved and expanded over time. Balancing affordability with flexibility is the primary concern of most U.S. dental services consumers. Whether you choose a dental PPO, dental HMO, dental indemnity, dental EPO or dental POS plan, the options to find the best dental insurance choice for you and your family are available.

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