Telehealth can provide affordable online therapy from the comfort of your home. More healthcare professionals are providing more telehealth services, a form of online therapy, which have grown exponentially since the COVID-19 pandemic, and many health insurance plans as well as Medicaid plans are now covering them. 

Telehealth comes in two forms: real-time video meetings and store-and-forward, which means that the patient would send information to the therapist or psychiatrist through secure email or messaging, and then would receive a reply back from the healthcare provider. Real-time video telehealth visits are more likely than store-and-forward to be covered, both by private insurers and Medicaid.

Utilize Telehealth Services To Get The Mental Care You Need
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If you have an existing therapist or psychiatrist, ask if online counseling is available, and if so, if they entail a lower cost. 

In addition to individual online therapy sessions, you can explore joining one of the online support groups available. Online support groups are virtual gatherings of people who share some common traits or challenges and can offer each other emotional support. Go to Support Groups Central to see if there is one suitable for you.

Another alternative is online counseling via mobile apps. 

Popular mental health telemedicine apps include Talkspace and BetterHelp. Talkspace claims to be 80% less expensive than face-to-face therapy. Some health insurance providers will cover the fees in mental health counseling apps, so if you have insurance, contact the company to find out if this type of online counseling is covered. 

Other apps like Youper and Moodpath provide mental health tools you can use on your own without a therapist.

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