Mental health conditions can affect people of all ages, and especially young people. Those in their late teens, early twenties, and even into their thirties can often suffer from mental health issues, even if it’s intense anxiety or stress from school. As it turns out, university and college clinics are a great place to access affordable, or even free, mental health care. 

University and college programs that train therapists and psychiatrists need to give them real world experience in helping patients, while still being under the supervision of an experienced mental health professional. Often, they will have clinics where these students and young professionals offer their services for no fee or a lower fee than more established therapists and psychiatrists.

Try a College or University Clinic

These clinics can be a great place to find a cheap therapist.  

Contact your local college or university’s psychology department or medical school and ask if they have a clinic that offers mental health services to train their psychology and psychiatry students. 

If they do not have one on campus or in the community, ask if there is a community health center where their students get their on-the-job training. 

If you decide to use one of these clinics, you will need to sign a waiver saying that you understand that the individuals providing the therapy or psychiatric services are students and outlining your rights.

In these types of clinics, there will always be a more experienced mental health professional overseeing the student therapists and young psychiatrists. If you have a problem with your mental health professional or want a second opinion, you can always schedule an appointment with the program supervisor.